STEM Activities for Your Preschooler

  Welcome back to our blog series on STEM and the Reggio Emilia approach! In our first blog, we covered the various components of STEM, and how it relates to Reggio Emilia (along with the values of our preschool and daycare). The realm of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is

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STEM and the Reggio Emilia Approach

  The latest buzzword in the realm of education, STEM is a trend that shows little signs of slowing down. We see STEM toys making their way into stores, STEM academies popping up across town, and this exploration-based acronym painting headlines in news stores from time to time. But what

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Enjoying Fall With Your Preschooler

  What is better than fall? Enjoying fall with your kids! Preschoolers are naturally curious, interested, and eager to explore the natural world and fall offers a myriad of outdoor adventures. If you are wondering how to best enjoy this fall in Salt Lake City with your preschooler, read on

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Reggio Emilia- The One Hundred Languages of Children

  While the traditional method of schooling children involves the teacher as the giver of information, and the children as empty buckets filling up with new ideas, Reggio Emilia approaches it differently. Reggio Emilia sees the child as able to be an active participant in their education, and that they

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The Importance of Play for Preschoolers

  If you have a preschooler, you know that they love to play! Whether they are outside or in, at the dinner table or in the bathtub, everything can become a game. Do children need to be restricted on play? Absolutely not! In fact, studies show that children at this

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Environment as the Third Teacher in Reggio Emilia Classrooms

  The Reggio Emilia approach to schooling and nurturing children is unique, especially the way in which the environment in which children learn is emphasized. The classroom is referred to as the “third teacher” and plays a big role in children’s education and development. We will explore how utilizing the

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The Importance of Sleep for Your Preschooler

  You know your child needs a good rest every night, but do you realize just how important sleep is for your preschooler? Your little one is constantly busy, and the preschool years keep both their bodies and minds active. Making sleep a priority can really help your child focus,

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Healthy Lunch Ideas

  If you are thinking about the next school year and tired of packing the same boring sandwich for your child, you need some healthy lunch ideas! Young children need nutritious lunches that are packed with protein and vitamins to keep their bodies and minds active. If you have been

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