Transitioning Back To School After A Pandemic

While it is often hard to believe, we have been in a state-of-emergency for almost two months now due to the coronavirus and its complimentary COVID-19 illness. Because of these events, we have been on a nationwide stay at home order, in which any non-essential business has to take time

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Explaining Temper Tantrums and How to Handle Them

Being a parent is truly a magical experience. There is nothing quite like watching your child explore and begin to understand the world around them, seeing them laugh, and witnessing the wonder and curiosity in their eyes. Your heart is theirs and you can’t imagine your life without them. However,

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The Power of Imagination

  A child’s imagination is an incredible thing. As we grow older, we try to hold onto it, but when was the last time that you were able to transform a cardboard empty box into a spaceship? Or turn the living room into the Wild Wild West, where the Sheriff

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How Much Do You Know About Screen Time?

  Think you know everything you should about screen time for young kids? Test your knowledge with a quick quiz from our preschool! Facts on Screen Time It can be all too easy to plop our children in front of a screen. It’s entertaining for them, it gives us as

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Teaching Gratitude

  We all have bad days. Sometimes those bad days turn into a tough month, a few months, or even just a challenging year. Bad times are a part of life, and they’re no one’s favorite. But they teach us resilience and strengthen our character, as long as we know

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Dropping Your Child Off At Daycare

It’s a feeling described as “gut-wrenching.” Even when you’ve done your research and picked out a program you’re confident in, there’s something so unspeakably difficult about dropping your child off at daycare for the first time. Even if they’re completely fine, you’re a wreck — especially if this is your first experience

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Is My Child Ready For Kindergarten?

Every parent always wants their child to have the best life possible, and families also recognize that so much of this comes from education. Having a positive and successful academic experience is one of the pivotal and fundamental aspects of life. Academic experiences and successes open so many doors and

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The Emotionally Intelligent Preschooler (Part Two)

In part one, we examined what empathy and the preschooler looks like and how at this stage of development, empathy isn’t able to be fully understood, but should still be taught. We ended it with a couple of ways to cultivate empathy, which is where this post picks up. If

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The Emotionally Intelligent Preschooler (Part One)

  There is a growing awareness of bullying in schools as it has been reported that one in three students experience bullying, with a majority of its prevalence beginning in middle school. Although statistics suggest that bullying isn’t necessarily increasing in schools but rather we’re becoming more conscious of it

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