Parent Reviews

Michael Daniels

Our daughter consistently comes home excited about discussion topics from class, her art projects, and of course copious amounts of free play. As she says:
"I really like my school. My teachers and friends are my favorite part."
Her teachers have supporter her love of learning and helped foster her confidence in playing with her friends. On the rare occasion where I have reached out with a concern, the office has been prompt and respectful in their responses.

We actually started her at the Avenues location pre pandemic, but transferred her to this location since I was no longer commuting downtown and luckily Ms Lacey had moved to this location as well providing continuity of care. We opted to keep her enrolled all throughout the early pandemic, and thanks to proactive leadership we experienced no closures until late in the crisis. Our daughter was comfortable with her mask, and the teachers explained the situation in language she could understand.

Our main concern for our daughter was socialization, since she's always been on the quiet side, but she quickly found a great friend group and loves all of her class mates (even if some of the boys sometimes get a little "crazy"). Her teachers were actively engaged with her, helping her learn to set boundaries with friends and to speak up about her wants and needs.

The one time I was worried about her relationship with her classmate I reached out and the school was wonderfully responsive, looping in the teacher and making sure our daughter was comfortable.

Shannon Quinn

My 2 year old son has absolutely loved school, and his teachers. They have wonderful communication, and are quick to give updates or answer my questions. It has been a stress relief to have my little one being so well taken care of while I’m at work. I would recommend to any friends or family.

Zach Hyatt

My kids have attended the Cottonwood Preschool for the last three years and it's one of the best decisions I ever made for them. I trust the staff of this school as much as I could trust anyone with my kids. My children have learned, grown, and thrived at the Cottonwood Preschool more than they ever could have at home. They absolutely love their teachers and their friends here. My kids view this as a safe place just as they view our home.

The management of the preschool is also terrific. When I've had various concerns regarding my children in the past, they listened and helped to ensure the well being of my kids.

I can't recommend this preschool enough. This has honestly been one of the best things I've been able to do for my kids.

Taylor Carter

Childtime has an excellent program. Our child loves being there and has enjoyed all the teachers. They have great apps to facilitate ease of payment and daily interactions with pictures. I get an end of day summary to know all the details of food, nap time, diapers, and games/activity. This has worked out perfectly! Thanks so much.

A.J. Backe

The Director and the Teachers make this one of the best schools in the SL Valley. The school is organized, clean, structured and the staff are kind, patient, friendly and nurturing. I am more than happy with the Eastside Preschool and highly recommend them, this Preschool is the best of the best.

Briannna Morris

We love Eastside Preschool! Our Daughter has learned so much while going here and is always happy to be there, the staff is easy to talk to and is eager to fix or help in any situation.

Michelle Conley

I visited numerous daycares when we were initially looking last year and didn't feel comfortable with any of them, until we found the Cottonwood Preschool. This place is amazing! It's clean, bright, calm, and we have loved the teachers. It's great knowing what my son is doing during the day and they're always receptive when we ask questions about things going on with him. We're so fortunate our son gets to spend his days here.

Alex Henricks

We've taken our child to Child Time from the time she turned three months (she'll be two this year so we've had a great run). When we were given the last opening spot we felt lucky....but we feel even luckier today with the love and care our child has received during her time here. Child Time is a wonderful daycare facility. Clean, welcoming staff, and safe are the three things that come to mind immediately. The staff has done an amazing job with our child, making her feel welcome and empowering her to grow and develop with new activities everyday. We receive updates throughout the day via email as to what she's doing, what she's eaten, number of diaper changes, anything she is in need of that we're responsible for (diapers, wipes, change of clothes, etc), and how long she's napped. Our daughter feels so comfortable here that dropping her off is a breeze. We walk her into her classroom and she'll immediately go to the teacher and say "Hi" or head straight to the toys. The daily activities are all built to not only entertain the children, but also entertain them. They are carefully planned and our daughter seems to really enjoy them. The communication from the staff is clear and consistent. They're constantly updating us on what's going on within the daycare, upcoming events, how our daughter's day was, and much, much more. If we reach out to the staff, they are quick to respond. We've never had any issues with incidents not being reported. If something happens, we are notified in writing and the teacher in the room talks us through what happened when we pick our daughter up. We also get a copy of the report. I highly recommend this daycare facility if you need a place for your child while you work. It's money well spent and a great peace of mind knowing your child is being well-cared for.

Suzanne Mick

I picked up my grandchildren for the past two years. They love it. Miss Chris and Miss Elizabeth are fabulous. The manager, Miss Barbara is very friendly and easy to talk to. I like that she knows each name with in the daycare. My grandchildren really like her too.

rosie Topham

We have had a great experience so far with the Cottonwood preschool. They do so many cute, creative activities with the kids, my daughter is learning so much. I love that I can check in and see what she is doing using their app. It's always clean and the staff are all friendly.

Lindsay Meyers

My son started at the Cottonwood preschool infant class recently and loves it. The teachers made the transition easy and are all really sweet with him. I also love that they send me mobile app updates with pictures throughout the day. Makes leaving him easier!

Hayley Cottle

We have loved our daughter's experience at The Second Avenues Preschool. Everything about it is of the best quality. The staff is nurturing and attentive. The facility is very clean. I love the safety feature of access codes to enter the building. My daughter has learned so much in her short time of going there and has become much more independent. They are very interactive with parents by providing a schedule each week and posting updates about your children on their app throughout the day. I would recommend The Second Avenues to anyone!

Sarah Gibbs

The quality learning and love that 2nd Avenues gives to the kids is wonderful. The teachers love what they do and they learn the personalities of each kid and connect with them on a personal level. The kids focus on learning something new each week and it's amazing to watch what they learn. Definitely recommend!

Selina Hadfield

My daughter has been going to Eastside for two years and we have loved having her attend. She started a few months after COVID first started in 2020, and Eastside handled the pandemic as best they could with keeping the children and staff as safe as possible. They helped her come out of her shell and be more comfortable around new teachers and friends. She has grown exponentially over the past two years and they even helped with potty training! We are going to miss seeing everyone at the Eastside Preschool and hope we have a chance to visit again in the future! I highly recommend this school because Lacey (the director) and the staff are so wonderful!

Alisia Wixom

My son attended ChildTime Cottonwood Heights and we loved everything about this facility and program. It’s leadership was excellent and the teachers exceeded our expectations. My son went to preschool here and stayed for the Private Kindergarten, the class was small and the teacher was excellent. I cannot recommend this group more.

Cynthia Yeo

The teachers and staff are wonderful, and we love the curriculum. Can't say enough good things about this school.

Courtney Starr

Wonderful teachers and staff, always thinking of creative and educational activities for all the age groups. Would highly recommend!

Andrea Lobb

My daughter has been going to Cottonwood Preschool for 3 years. She started in the daycare, then did the preschool program, and is completing their Kindergarten program now. We have been so happy with everything about our experience there. The staff has always been amazing and Amy (the director) is fabulous. From day one, everyone knew our daughter's name. They care very much about learning about all the kids at the center and meet each child where they are. They are nurturing, supportive, encouraging, and professional. My daughter has been so lucky to be in such an amazing environment for the past 3 years. The Kindergarten class (which started this year) was a god-send for us. Ms. Laura has been absolutely incredible. She is able to tailor lessons to each child's level and support each one's growth and development. The entire staff at this center truly care about the kids. It's not just a job for them, their hearts are in it and you can feel it with every interaction.

They take time to learn parents names and other important caregivers. It always amazes me how much they know about each child in their care. We are sad to be leaving as our daughter grows out of the program, but will always look back on this time with them with fondness and appreciation. I can't thank them enough for all that they do and have done. The peace of mind that I have had because I knew my little girl was being cared for (not just taken care of) has been unmeasurable.

Thank you to the entire staff.

Joslin Heyward

Our child has attended Eastside for two years. We trust the staff, they’ve been critical partners in our child’s development, and we love the activities they have for the children each week. We will continue with Eastside in the future. We’re very thankful for them!

Amanda Holbrook

I love child time! My daughter has blossomed socially in just a couple months. Miss Amanda, Miss Katrina and Miss Mitzi are amazing, compassionate and intuitive teachers. I trust my daughter with them 100%

Nicole Davis

My daughter loves her classroom and her teachers! All of the kids are great! My child is learning so much.

Sinead Hogan McSweeney

My 3yr loves it here and has done since he started at one year old. The teachers are warm and caring. They do fun, creative activities with the kids. It's a very professionally run place.

Chelsea Blair

Everything about ChildTime has gone so far beyond our expectations for a daycare/preschool. We love EVERYTHING about it! The teachers are all amazing, loving, caring, and patient. My son has attended school here since he was 8 months old, and we continue to be impressed by the level of care and education he receives. The Cottonwood Preschool is THE BEST!!

Stephanie Matalone

We are extremely happy with the care our son has gotten here. We truly feel that the staff has gotten to know him and cares about him and his development. They treat him like family and know the ins and outs of his personality. We love the curriculum and how they center it around what the children are interested in. They do such creative activities with the children. The app is amazing that updates you and sends you pictures of your kid during the day. I feel confident leaving my baby boy here! They are awesome!

Hallie Huber

Eastside Preschool has been the most wonderful place to drop our toddler off as her first experience away from home! The teachers are all so kind and warm, the updates throughout the day are amazing and put me at ease! I love the weekly curriculum communication and how much it reflects the classrooms current interests! Couldn't be happier!

Rowan Steiner

I absolutely LOVE this preschool. My son has been going here for about 8 months now and the teachers and staff are SO great. The teachers are experienced, friendly and genuinely care about the well being of their students. I am grateful he was able to attend such an amazing preschool!

Lisa Kuykendall

My kids are learning so much and are excited to go to day care. And, they share information throughout the day that lets me know what my kids are doing and feel closer to them. The teachers are great and really do a lot with the kids.

Samatha Gangapuram

I absolutely love that Child Time Inc has taken over Caring for Kids. The remodel they have done is absolutely incredible and it feels like a new building all over. Our son loves going to school and asks to go on the weekends too. I also love the new app they are using. Teachers do make it a point to update it multiple times a day and I love checking in the middle of my work day to see what fun the kids are up to. Love getting the pictures, reminders, activity updates in the app. It gives me great opportunity to follow up with my son because I know exactly what they talked about in school. I also look forward to the curriculum for the following week that gets sent out every Friday. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who is looking for a great preschool!

Shannon White

The Second Avenues Preschool is great. The staff take the time to get to know each child and they nurture the child's interests. Our child loves going to school here and loves all the teachers. We highly recommend this school

Christina Herrera

We absolutely LOVE Child Time. The teachers and staff are amazing. They care so much about these kids and they love their jobs. Our son has grown immensely since starting- from his vocabulary to social skills to other milestones (hand-washing, coloring, eating, etc...) it has been incredible to watch. Child Time has our full endorsement!!! Highly recommend.

Kristina Cottle Feldman

I cannot say enough good things about this preschool. I don't even know where to start. We had tried two other centers for my son but had heard amazing things about the ChildTime system. We liked our other center but were nervous about my son moving up from his infant class. He loves to learn but also be nurtured. A spot opened up at Eastside and we jumped at the opportunity. Lacey (director) and his teachers were immediately welcoming. They helped him transition and he began to flourish. He was doing well at the previous center but he really blossomed. Eastside does a wonderful job appreciating my son for his uniqueness while helping to inspire development. His teachers have always been extremely caring, communicative, and supportive. I highly, highly recommend this center.

Allie Mirza

I am beyond grateful for the time my daughter had at Childtime. After looking into and visiting SO many schools, my husband and I walked into Childtime and we knew it was the school we wanted to send our daughter. She went to Childtime from when she was an infant. Childtime is the perfect mix of being loving, welcoming, and educational. My daughter is so sad to leave and absolutely adored all the teachers she has. Thank you to the amazing teachers and admins for making my daughters daycare experience so amazing. We will miss you all so much!

Tashia Corbitt

Our child has learned so much since he started going here. They are responsible and always keep us informed. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Anna K Ermarth

ChildTime Inc, and more specifically, Eastside Preschool has been a wonderful center for our son. The facility is safe, clean, and has a great outdoor space. Our son has made exceptional emotional and cognitive growth since starting here and the teachers are kind and caring about their well-being. The director is experienced and knows every kid and family. They use a great app for updates and pictures of your child throughout the day. I highly recommend any ChildTime Inc center for any family and child!

Sarah Hyatt

We LOVE the Cottonwood Preschool and the staff have really become part of our family. Every teacher that has interacted with my children has been absolutely stellar and the center is clean, bright, and cheerful. I feel so confident that my kids are receiving great care every day, and lots of exposure to art, music, science, writing, etc.

Jake Ostlind

In the two years our child has attended Eastside Preschool, we've been happy with the quality of care and attention that the teachers have given our child.

Linda Burtch

The teachers and staff at Eastside really love and care for the children they have in their care. They are friendly, and foster a learning environment that the children love. The facility is very clean, and well appointed with age-appropriate toys and supplies for each classroom. Both of our children love attending the Eastside school!

Kylee Bryson

We’ve really enjoyed our experience at The Cottonwood Preschool! Amy, the director, always has a smile on her face, knows every child’s name and is super accommodating. I have 2 kids here, and both love all of their teachers! We love that they have fun, but it’s clearly educational. Each week always learning a new theme. We are super sad that next year we have to leave because of kindergarten! We’ll miss it!


Our son recently joined the Cottonwood Preschool family and we couldn't be more excited. So far we have had a great experience. Our son seems to be adjusting great, he is being well taken care of, their daily menu is fantastic and fully of variety and nutritious, their teachers have been very warm and friendly. We love the daily updates on the apps so we can see progress, supplies needed, what our son is doing, etc.

Mousa Albalwi

My daughter loves the staff and she is very excited every morning to go. They keep me updated with daily emails about what she did that day and will send you pictures too! I highly recommend this Day Care. Keep up the great work!


My son can't speak English very well. but he very enjoyed at The Second Avenues Preschool. He loves his teacher and gets excited to go there every morning. The staffs are very patient and friendly. There are a variety of activities that could inspire kids interest in learning. The teachers are excellent and good communications with us. We really love this school.

Sara Fladmo

We have been at Eastside for nearly 4 years now starting with my first child. My second child now attends. The staff are well trained, professional and exceptionally kind. I know that my children are well cared for and that I do not have to worry about them during the day. They communicate with parents on how the child is progressing academically and are sure to balance work with play. I would recommend this school to anyone seeking quality care for their child.

Lindsay Anderson

I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect preschool/daycare for my daughter, and this is it. Eastside preschool is clean and staffed with educated teachers who have been there for a long time and genuinely care about the children they take care of. They are very accommodating of allergies-- both food and soap/diaper allergies. They let you bring your own lunch, and they serve healthy snacks. They always follow government mandated student/teacher ratios, and they have an app for parents that allows you to be updated on feedings, diaper changes, activities, etc. They even send you pictures of your child throughout the week. We love this school!

Lucas Fowler

My little one has really benefitted from this pre-school. They are patient with her when she needs it, and they encourage her to reach beyond the skills she already has. She'll be two soon, and I'm very thrilled that she has had the opportunity to attend here. Even better, this is in my office building, and I can check in on her anytime I want!

Beth Tanner

I cannot say enough about what a positive experience we've had at Second Avenues. As an early childhood educator myself, the thought of choosing a program for my son was daunting. I am very particular and know what quality care looks like. Second Avenues has blown me away. My son has bloomed here! He loves his teachers and gets excited to go each morning (this makes our days SO much better)! The rooms are warm and inviting without being overloaded, the teachers are friendly and excellent communicators, and every interaction/email I've had at every level of administration has been very positive. I love this school!

Liz Saccomanno

We love Eastside Preschool! My kids have been attending since 2013 and my oldest has gone through 4 levels of classes. Each class has attentive and caring teachers. The teachers are friendly and experienced, and keep the children engaged while making learning fun. The curriculum is always updated and the kids are treated to many outside activities in the summer. The school is clean, and the director runs the school very efficiently and is very hand’s on. I would recommend the Eastside Preschool to anyone!