Enjoying Fall With Your Preschooler


What is better than fall? Enjoying fall with your kids! Preschoolers are naturally curious, interested, and eager to explore the natural world and fall offers a myriad of outdoor adventures. If you are wondering how to best enjoy this fall in Salt Lake City with your preschooler, read on for some great ideas!

A Fall Nature Walk

A great way to see the changes that fall brings is to get outdoors and take a walk! Head to a natural area or local trail, or just take a walk around your neighborhood—you don’t have to go far. Look at the leaves changing, see who can find the brightest red, gold, and orange leaves, or look for animals getting ready for the winter. Notice the chill in the air, how it is getting darker earlier, and enjoy the smell in the air. Kids love the little details, and will often find more interesting things than their parents! Make sure to get outside this fall and enjoy the weather!


Not only are leaves fun to look at as they change on the trees, but they are fun to play in! You could turn a fall chore into a fun game by getting your kids involved in the raking—and hopefully make some epic leaf piles in the process! Jumping in leaf piles is a kid fall tradition, and the bigger the pile the better! Kids also love getting buried in the leaves and scaring their friends and family. Raking can become a whole day of fun! Besides making leaf piles, finding beautiful fall leaves can become a treasure hunt that yields leaves you can press and save. Leaf rubbings are also fun to do (with leaves that aren’t completely dry), and make amazing notecards, wrapping paper, or artwork. Simply place a leaf under a piece of paper and rub a crayon back and forth until a beautiful picture emerges! Your kids will probably be able to think of even more creative ways to use leaves for art projects or just for fun!


Wait, gardening in the fall, isn’t it a little too late? Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs that will yield beautiful flowers in the spring! Planting bulbs is an easy activity that even little kids can participate in and they will love seeing the blooms come spring. Use a bulb planter to quickly make a hole in the soil (kids can do this part!) and then place the bulbs pointy side up in the holes and cover with dirt. They usually don’t even need any water, just some patience through the winter. You could look up pictures of what the blooms will look like and have your child draw a picture, then compare the drawings to what comes up in the spring!

Pumpkin Patch

Fall time means an abundance of pumpkins that are great for decorating with, carving, and eating! Going to a pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkins is a great activity to do with your kids, and often there are many activities there to enjoy. Take a hayride, bob for apples, play fall themed games, and, of course, find the perfect pumpkin. Pumpkins are so much better when you get to pick out your own, kids can begin crafting their ideas for carving. Carving pumpkins is fun for all ages, just stick to a simple design you can help your child with. The seeds can be scooped out and roasted, giving you a delicious treat to enjoy while you enjoy your pumpkin.


Apples are abundant in the fall, and there are so many ways to enjoy them. Making your own applesauce, apple butter, or caramel apples is fun and can get the whole family involved and yield a delicious treat. An old-fashioned apple peeler and slicer is so much fun for kids and produces slices that are free from skin: a plus for many kids! Apples can be baked into pies or cooked into oatmeal, or even made into fruit leather. If you have an apple tree (or a generous neighbor with one) find some fun recipes to make this fall.

Make a Scarecrow

A scarecrow might have once been used to preserve your crops from pesky birds, but can also make a great craft project for fall afternoon. Stuffing a large bag, or a few bags, with leaves and dressing it up with old clothes can give you a great fall decoration. Kids will love getting creative with their scarecrow, adding in funny accessories and making a unique fall craft.

Enjoy a Warm Drink Outside

Kids love everyday activities that are made a little more special. Hot chocolate and apple cider are great on a crisp fall day, but even better outside! Grab a blanket and a thermos of a delicious warm beverage and head to a local park or just your backyard. Enjoy your steaming cup outside, watching the leaves fall, enjoying the last warmth of the season, and helping your kids appreciate the changing seasons.

Don’t let fall slip by without enjoying it with your child! Here at Child Time Inc. we are dedicated to providing your preschooler with Reggio Emilia curriculum here in Salt Lake City. A big part of that curriculum is having your child engage with their environment and take the lead in what they would like to explore. If you are looking for a caring preschool for your little one, call us today!


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