Healthy Lunch Ideas


If you are thinking about the next school year and tired of packing the same boring sandwich for your child, you need some healthy lunch ideas! Young children need nutritious lunches that are packed with protein and vitamins to keep their bodies and minds active. If you have been struggling to come up with new lunches for your little ones, read on for some great tips and ideas!


Young kids love when their lunches look interesting, and cutting sandwiches, fruits, veggies, and cheese into fun shapes can help them look forward to lunchtime. Use a cookie cutter to cut sandwiches into their favorite animal, flower, or character. Some creative knifework can turn regular fruit slices into something special, and carrots or celery can turn into ornate flowers. Let your imagination take over, and turn the same old items into new, exciting shapes that will make your little one want to eat their lunch!

Bento Boxes

These multi-compartment boxes are perfect for picky eaters and kids who don’t like the traditional sandwich. The little compartments are perfect for a range of small items: nuts, dried fruits, salami, cheese, and more! Bento boxes are a great way to use up small amounts of leftovers that your child loves (think pastas and salads). They are also perfect for the kiddo that loves to dip—the little compartments allow for multiple dips and spreads like peanut butter, ranch, or hummus. A bento box also displays the food in a visually appealing way, and your kiddo will be more likely to eat if they like what they see!

Breakfast for Lunch

If your kiddo hates lunch but loves breakfast, there is no harm in giving them breakfast twice! Pancakes are easy to transport, and can be made even more nutritious with protein powders, nuts, seeds, and bananas. Yogurt is a good choice all day long, and fresh fruit with plain yogurt makes for a healthy addition. Breakfast sausages are good choice if your little one doesn’t like deli meats, and a breakfast burrito filled with eggs and veggies is just as good at lunch.

Soups and Smoothies

Some kids don’t like solid foods very much, but love anything liquid. Soups and smoothies can be packed in bottles or insulated thermoses, and can be packed with fruits, veggies, and lots of nutrition! Just because your kid doesn’t like their meals to be in solid form doesn’t mean they can’t receive all the nutrition they need.

Little Messages

This doesn’t involve the actual food in your kiddo’s lunch, but can make what you pack that much more special. Including a special note, message, or drawing adds an extra touch that your kids will love. Their food will taste even better combined with a note reminding them you love them!

So don’t resort to the same old boring lunch next school year! Try out some of these ideas to add some creative spark to your kid’s lunches, and they will be eating healthier without even knowing it. If you are still looking for a preschool program for the next school year, Child Time has several Salt Lake City locations—find out more today!


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