The Reggio Emilia Approach

The core of Child Time Inc. is centered around your child’s educational development. To do this, we create customized curriculum that are designed around your child’s interests, needs, and desires. The classroom is catered to the unique makeup of the students and their educational developmental needs.

The Reggio Emilia approach was conceived from the town of Reggio Emilia, Italy after World War II. It was an educational movement for preschool and early elementary schools to create a more progressive and cooperative childhood education that caters to the unique makeup of every classroom. It is centered around the image of a child, a child that is curiously adapting to the world. It understands that the community a child is raised in has effects on their development. A school is a system where relationships are interconnected through the community, and believes that the classroom should reflect that of the community itself. It does not necessarily mean children will mirror the lifestyles of the community, but that a child will begin to understand the fundamentals behind inter-connectivity with relationships. The program is aimed to support and empower children as strong, confident students, capable of constructing their own learning to give them the fundamentals needed to continue into higher education. This is a crucial an essential aspect of what makes the Reggio Emilia approach a pillar for our education for your preschooler.

Teachers help facilitate the core beliefs of a Reggio Emilia approach by designing and constantly adapting the classroom around these beliefs. The biggest aspect in successfully doing this is through first-hand observation. They are able to watch, especially with the small classrooms available at Child Time Inc., to see how each child uniquely thinks and reacts to certain learning techniques. The teacher allows for the child to interact with the interconnections of the community surrounding them: friendships, school, and relationships. A teacher not necessarily a leader, but a guide in the child’s pursuit of early education.

Parents are also a crucial aspect of our Reggio Emilia approach. Parents help inspire their children to continuously think curiously, creatively, and analytically outside of the classroom. Many lessons aren’t taught inside the confinements of school, but in the outdoor world. Your role as a parent is also unique, as you understand the signature characteristics that make up your child and cater your parenting around it. You listen to their questions stemmed from their innate curiosity, listen to their creative stories about their day-to-day lives, and listen to what interests them and help nurture an environment that caters to their interests.

This approach is similar to the role of a teacher in a Reggio Emilia inspired classroom. They don’t plan projects in advance, but create projects and lesson plans that circulate around the classroom’s and children’s interests and desires. This is a powerful force in not only making school meaningful, but also making school become a desired place to be. Children look forward to school when the classroom isn’t the same day in and day out. A versatile and constantly evolving classroom keeps children on their toes and continually engaged in their educational development as they are given the foundations of what will be present throughout their academic careers.
At Child Time Inc, we are committed to providing your child with the highest standard of education that is centered around their unique needs, strengths and weaknesses. We believe that the education received in preschool is an influential factor in ensuring that a child is empowered to want to continue learning. We have been at the forefront of providing education and quality child care since 1988. Learn more about our philosophy and our programs!

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