The Power of Preschool

Getting your toddler ready for preschool can be both a nervous and exciting experience for both you as a parent and your child. Kick starting their educational career will help provide the foundation for what your child will build upon as they enter kindergarten into elementary school. It  can also play a big role in your child’s develop socially and emotionally. At Child Time Inc, our Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum is centered around your child. We create lesson plans weekly to reflect the unique needs of each and every kid in the classroom, to further enhance their ability to learn and develop as a child. In this blog, we’re going to explore some of the various benefits that come with sending your child to preschool.

Prepares them for Kindergarten & Elementary School

Sending your child to preschool can have immense benefits when it comes to providing structure for their educational future. With our classrooms designed around your children’s unique needs, there is ample opportunity to provide your child with stronger developments in literacy and math as they grow to enjoy and understand the power of each with each passing day. Furthermore, we allow them to enjoy the process of learning rather than just teach them the importance of getting good grades. This feeds their innate curious nature that comes with being a child, as well as providing the stepping stones for what will be needed as they continue their education. We ensure to focus on reinforcing their ability to follow directions and enjoy the end result, as well as to take information and provide the basics behind critical thought. All of these, plus the fundamentals we provide in literacy, writing, and mathematics will provide your child with skills that will continue to stay with them as they continue into kindergarten and elementary school.

blog-cta-1Fosters Their Innate Curiosity

Children are curious creatures, whether you notice this as they continuously ask you why, hear them explain what their elaborate game rules are, or remember the joys of being a curious child. This curiosity, if correctly fostered in preschool, can lay down the foundations for crucial critical thinking skills that will be utilized as they enter into kindergarten and elementary school. Nurturing a child’s curiosity helps provide them with the cognitive power to want to learn, as well as to go and seek out questions to answers. It is an essential aspect of what we do at Child Time Inc as we cater the preschool classroom to your child’s interests, and help foster that crucial aspect of curiosity in teaching.

Develops Social & Emotional Skills

Going to school creates the opportunity for your child to meet and interact with other children, as well as the teacher. Your child’s ability to work with other classmates is a crucial aspect in creating a rewarding preschool experience. This allows them the opportunity to learn social and emotional skills that are necessary components to their success as students. It helps them with self control, for example, with sharing and or expressing a concern about an aspect of the classroom. Also, preschool helps with creating friendships in the process of learning and also having fun, or in the case of our classrooms, simultaneously doing both at the same time.

Preschool helps promote the idea and teach the power of growth. They come in having some idea of what it is like to work hard and achieve a goal, but getting to utilize that in the sense of an educational sense is a rewarding concept to provide children. Working to understand some of the aspects of the curriculum, as well as working on projects, can help teach them at a young age about hard work and the success that is bred from it.

At Child Time Inc, we put your child’s needs and desires at the forefront of our lessons plans. Our lesson plans are created weekly, to highlight what exactly interests the students and what needs to get worked on. Furthermore, preschool provides a variety of benefits for your child as they move forward with their education.Check out our preschool and other educational programs today, and contact us with any questions! Get ready to help shape your child’s educational development!

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