Summertime Offers a Wealth of Learning Opportunities

Summer is coming, and there is no better time to get outdoors and get hands-on with learning and exploration. Summertime creates some of the best childhood memories, so get creative this summer and include some activities you and your child are sure to love! Our Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum at Child Time Inc. aims to promote a love of learning and expression, and continuing that approach in all of your summertime activities will be fun for both parents and children.

Get Outdoors

As the weather warms, and a whole world of possibilities outdoors opens up. Exploring the natural world is a great way to inspire learning and keep kids active. Kids have tons of energy, and going for hikes, bike rides, swimming, or just running through the sprinkler gets both their bodies and minds engaged. Check out your local parks and trail systems and find areas to explore that are new to both you and your child. Being outdoors is good for the body, mind and spirit, and fresh air and exercise this summer will have your children learning and exploring!

Start a Garden

Summertime is a great time to try your hand at gardening! Whether you decide to grow beautiful flowers, or vegetables for the dinner table, your child can be involved in every step of the process. Picking seeds, planting, watering, and weeding all get kids interested and invested in the growing of a garden, and provide many opportunities for learning. Try growing your child’s favorite fruits or vegetables, and let them create a salad or other dish out of the bounty. Take advantage of the growing season to cultivate some vegetables, and engage in a fun activity with your little one!

Go Camping

Kids love camping! Sleeping in a tent, marshmallows over the fire, and sleeping under the stars are all great experiences for little ones. You could plan a mini-vacation and explore an area you have never been in before. Or, you could just pitch a tent in the backyard! You will be amazed how exciting backyard camping can seem to a child who has never slept in a tent before. A small fire pit, or even hot dogs on the grill, can be so much more novel than the traditional dinner table.

Go Geocaching

Everyone loves treasure hunting, from adults to little kids. Geocaching utilizes our love of treasure hunting, and provides clues to small treasures through map coordinates. If you want to add a little more excitement to your summertime hikes, or even walks in your neighborhood, geocaching is a great family activity to make a summer tradition.

Find Some Water

Hot summer days call for cooling off in the water, and there are usually plenty of options for fun. Rivers, lakes, streams, and even waterparks and splash pads, can all lend a fun element to cooling down. Find something appropriate to your child’s age and swimming ability, and let the fun begin! A simple kiddie pool or backyard hose can provide hours of fun!


Oftentimes, summer is the time for many outdoor activities and festivals. If your child loves listening to music, an outdoor concert may be the perfect fit. Little foodies will love the tasting at food festivals, and budding artists will enjoy strolling an art fair. Look for festivals and fairs that will engage both you and your little one!

So, get excited for summer, because there are so many educational activities available! If you are looking for a toddler or preschool program that reinforces a love of learning in your child, our Reggio Emilia curriculum at Child Time in Salt Lake City may be the perfect fit! Contact us today for quality education and childcare!

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