A Healthy & Fast Breakfast for Your Preschooler

Getting ready for school in the morning can be quite the hassle as a parent. You ensure that your kids are awake, get their teeth brushed, fed and ready for the school day. Though it may seem like it would be easy to just give them some Froot Loops for breakfast, giving your child a healthy and nutritionally balanced breakfast can shape the outcome of their day and enhance lessons taught in school. In this blog, we’re going to explore some of the various healthy foods that you can provide your child before heading off for a day at school.

yogurt-image1Yogurt & Fruit

This is a time friendly breakfast option, and provides quite a bit of beneficial nutrients for your child to start the morning off. Yogurt is not only a delicious option—it contains probiotics that are great for your child, and can help with problems such as constipation. Yogurt is also rich in calcium and protein, great for the development of their bones and teeth. Adding onto  the benefits of yogurt, choosing a fruit that your child likes is a great boost for extra nutrients and flavor.


Oatmeal is another time friendly breakfast option for parents who find that time is quite limited in the mornings. Furthermore, there are a variety of powerful nutrients in a bowl of oatmeal, like fiber, potassium, and calcium. If your child may not enjoy oatmeal, add some some honey or brown sugar to give it a sweeter flavor.


eggs-image1Eggs, Toast, & Tomatoes

This may require more time, but is no doubt a great breakfast meal for your toddler. Eggs are fairly inexpensive, and filled with protein and a variety of essential vitamins, like vitamin D. Toast is quite easy to just pop in the toaster and it’s ready to go. Toast provides some carbohydrates, and helps provide some energy to get the morning going. Instead of using butter, opt out and use peanut butter or almond butter to make it a bit more healthy. Tomatoes are a great addition to this breakfast to get vitamin A, C, and K. If your kid doesn’t enjoy tomatoes, or if you want to switch it up, bananas are a great substitute to provide some potassium.

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast burritos can serve as a quick and easy meal to heat up if you are tight on time in the morning. You can pop it right into the microwave and it is ready to be eaten. Using a whole-grain tortilla can provide more nutrients, and you can add some of your child’s favorite foods, like veggies, cheese, and even some chopped turkey or sausage.

When it comes to providing a breakfast that has nutritional benefits for your child, but is also not time consuming, you have a variety of options. At Child Time Inc, your child is an active role in the classroom each and everyday, and giving them a balanced and nutritious breakfast can enhance their classroom experience and their overall educational development.

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