Bring Your Child’s
Genius To Light

A Warm, Welcoming Space Where
Every Child Feels Valued and Heard

little girl blowing dandelions outside at a Preschool & Childcare Serving Salt Lake City, UT

Bring Your Child’s
Genius To Light

A Warm, Welcoming Space Where Every Child Feels Valued and Heard

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Salt Lake City, UT

Our Beautifully Designed Play-Based Schools Help Your Child Feel Right At Home

A Child-Centered Environment Lets Your Child Know
We Cherish Them

We welcome your child to clutter-free rooms in calming hues with light wood floors and tabletops, with plenty of natural materials for hands-on learning. Your child will play independently and learn as they go in a space lovingly made -and sized- just for them.
infant playing with toys at a Preschool & Childcare Serving Salt Lake City, UT
happy girls playing together at a Preschool & Childcare Serving Salt Lake City, UT

Nurturing Crucial Skills For
Social-Emotional Development

Nurturing Crucial
Skills For Social-Emotional Development

We encourage your child to become self-aware and to self-express, to form and share their ideas, discuss, problem-solve, and negotiate. Encouraging your child to share their thoughts and feelings supports comprehension, communication, and social-emotional skills.

Children Take The Lead In
Their Learning And Success

Children Take The
Lead In Their
Learning And Success

Children guide what happens every day by how they respond in the classroom. They are valued, seen, and heard, and are a critical part of their learning, their interest. We help children make the most of their developing skills and abilities.
toddler playing in classroom at a Preschool & Childcare Serving Salt Lake City, UT

We Take the Health and Safety
Of Your Child Very Seriously

We Take the Health
and Safety Of Your
Child Very Seriously

Your child’s safety and wellness are extremely important to us. We’ve implemented the highest level of safety standards and daily health practices, such as temperature checks, rigorous and frequent hand-washing, and much more.

Teachers Create Weekly
Lessons Based In Play

Each week’s lesson plan involves meaningful play for your child. A Reggio-inspired, play-based curriculum allows your child to naturally build on their strengths and also to address any areas of weakness.

We Match Your Child’s Learning Potential With:

We Believe In
Problem-Solving And Opportunities For Collaboration

Our teachers guide your child through their learning process by being neutral and non-reactive. Your child can try, fail, and try again, learn at their own pace, as we expertly encourage abilities like problem-solving and collaboration.

Providing Your Child With
Positive Guidance Every Day

Teachable moments are opportunities for your child to build on their learning when they can identify a problem, help to solve it or comfort a friend. We believe that children shine with the help of positive guidance in these moments.

Building A Successful, Collaborative Community

Imagine your child peacefully at play, able to verbalize feelings, cooperate, negotiate, work independently, and collaborate with others in a group setting. An experience-rich environment is your child’s introduction to building relationships, community, and a better society.

Quality Care And High Standards Make Us Early Learning Leaders

Parents know they are getting the best service, as we gain national recognition for the exceptional level of care that we provide. The National Accreditation Commission recognizes us as Early Learning Leaders, and we were the first private preschool in Utah to receive both NAEYC and NACPE accreditations. We are also members of an industry-leading mentoring and coaching program, The Child Care Success Academy.

Joining Forces With Parents
On This Learning Journey

Our app allows on the spot, teacher-parent communication from the convenience of your phone, and you can count on our parenting library, loaded with reliable information, for answers to all your parenting questions.

Educated, Tenured Teachers Will Guide Your Child With Passion

Our carefully selected team is qualified, caring, and dedicated to their craft and the families we serve. Each center has degreed teachers, teachers with a Child Development Associate, and teachers working towards both. We have several staff that have been with us over 20 years.

Daily Outdoor Time For
Movement And Social Play

Outdoor play boosts immunity, mitigates anxious feelings, increases focus, and supports physical health; this is why we include at least two outings in your child’s daily schedule.

Yes, We Offer Tuition Support Options

Hear from Parents Like you

Michael Daniels
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Our daughter consistently comes home excited about discussion topics from class, her art projects, and of course copious amounts of free play. Her teachers have supporter her love of learning and helped foster her confidence in playing with her friends. On the rare occasion where I have reached out with a concern, the office has been prompt and respectful in their responses.
Selina Hadfield
Read More
My daughter has been going to Eastside for two years and we have loved having her attend. Eastside handled the pandemic as best they could with keeping the children and staff as safe as possible. They helped her come out of her shell and be more comfortable around new teachers and friends. She has grown exponentially over the past two years and they even helped with potty training!I highly recommend this school because Lacey (the director) and the staff are so wonderful!
Kristina Cottle Feldman
Read More
I cannot say enough good things about this preschool. My son loves to learn but also be nurtured. A spot opened up at Eastside and we jumped at the opportunity. Lacey (director) and his teachers were immediately welcoming. They helped him transition and he began to flourish. Eastside does a wonderful job appreciating my son for his uniqueness while helping to inspire development. His teachers have always been extremely caring, communicative, and supportive. I highly, highly recommend this center.
Alisia Wixom
Read More
My son attended ChildTime Cottonwood Heights and we loved everything about this facility and program. It’s leadership was excellent and the teachers exceeded our expectations. My son went to preschool here and stayed for the Private Kindergarten, the class was small and the teacher was excellent. I cannot recommend this group more.
Allie Mirza
Read More
After looking into and visiting SO many schools, my husband and I walked into Childtime and we knew it was the school we wanted to send our daughter. She went to Childtime from when she was an infant. Childtime is the perfect mix of being loving, welcoming, and educational. My daughter is so sad to leave and absolutely adored all the teachers she has. Thank you to the amazing teachers and admins for making my daughters daycare experience so amazing. We will miss you all so much!
Shannon Quinn
Read More
My 2 year old son has absolutely loved school, and his teachers. They have wonderful communication, and are quick to give updates or answer my questions. It has been a stress relief to have my little one being so well taken care of while I’m at work. I would recommend to any friends or family.
Anna K Ermarth
Read More
ChildTime Inc, and more specifically, Eastside Preschool has been a wonderful center for our son. The facility is safe, clean, and has a great outdoor space. Our son has made exceptional emotional and cognitive growth since starting here and the teachers are kind and caring about their well-being. They use a great app for updates and pictures of your child throughout the day. I highly recommend any ChildTime Inc center for any family and child!
Andrea Lobb
Read More
My daughter has been going to Cottonwood Preschool for 3 years. She started in the daycare, then did the preschool program, and is completing their Kindergarten program now. We have been so happy with everything about our experience there. The staff has always been amazing and the director is fabulous. They care very much about learning about all the kids at the center and meet each child where they are. Thank you to the entire staff.
Zach Hyatt
Read More
My kids have attended the Cottonwood Preschool for the last three years and it's one of the best decisions I ever made for them. I trust the staff of this school as much as I could trust anyone with my kids. My children have learned, grown, and thrived at the Cottonwood Preschool more than they ever could have at home. They absolutely love their teachers and their friends here. My kids view this as a safe place just as they view our home. I can't recommend this preschool enough.
Taylor Carter
Read More
Childtime has an excellent program. Our child loves being there and has enjoyed all the teachers. They have great apps to facilitate ease of payment and daily interactions with pictures. I get an end of day summary to know all the details of food, nap time, diapers, and games/activity. This has worked out perfectly! Thanks so much.

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