Some Great Books for Your Toddler


Reading is the gateway for creative thinking, and it reinforces the fundamentals skills of reading comprehension that are introduced in early childhood education. At Child Time Inc., we create our curriculum and design our classrooms around the needs of your child through our Reggio Emilia approach, which views your child as an integral component in creating and developing a curriculum. Though we introduce your child to the fundamentals of reading and reading comprehension, these skills can be reinforced with a variety of books that can be read at home or before bed. This can spark an interest in reading, as well as help foster creativity. I’m sure you remember some of your favorite childhood books, but let’s explore some other popular books for your child to read while beginning early education.

The Giving Tree

A classic that you probably remember reading as a child, The Giving Tree is a phenomenal book for your toddler to read. It not only exposes your tyke to a wonderful story, but it also teaches him or her the many lessons that this book provides.

Where the Wild Things Are

Another literary classic, this children’s picture book is another fantastically creative story that dives deep into the realms of fantasy, while still encompassing a good moral at the end of the story. The book can be interesting to children both with its fantasy aspects, as well as stimulating photos that help tell the story and create imagery for your child.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

This book series about the classic giant red dog is full of creativity and underlying story morals. If your child is interested, they can read a variety of books available from this series to backup their interest. This is great for kids, especially if you have a “big red dog” of your own at home, as it will open up the realm of imagination for your child.

Though we only have time to list three of the hundreds of incredible child’s books, this is a good list of classics that can be introduced to your child. This introduction to reading can not only reinforce what is learned in class, but also spark an interest in reading that can last a lifetime.

At Child Time Inc., we work to provide an unique curriculum based around the needs of your child. If you’re looking for an early childhood education center that embodies quality education, then this is the school for your child.


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