Feeding Your Child’s Curiosity


Being a child means carrying an abundance of curiosity. Whether it’s wondering why something happened, or how the world was created, the mind of a child is full of curiosity that leads to questioning. Curiosity is a fundamental skill utilized in all of schooling, whether your child is going into kindergarten or high school. Curiosity is the foundation for critical thinking, creativity and much more. These skills are essential to the educational development of your child’s educational development, and something that you as a parent can continue to reinforce outside of the classroom. In this blog post, we’re going to explore some ways you can foster your child’s curiosity.

Encourage It 

Though it may be annoying to constantly hear your child say “why this, why that, and how”, encouraging their curiosity can reinforce the fundamentals of early childhood educational development. If you’re confused by a certain question, ask a question back so your child can think about what they said, think ahead, utilize details, and come to a conclusion on what they are asking about.

Create Hobbies

Exploring new hobbies and having new experiences is a great way to feed into your child’s curiosity. It also serves as a meaningful way for your child to express themselves if they feel comfortable in the hobby, as it can be a release of creativity and exploration of interests. Hobbies that are derived from curiosity, like catching bugs or collecting rocks, can lead to their interests and passions down the road.


Just like hobbies, games can also help to foster curiosity. Your child wants to play school? Encourage it. Your child interested in a board game? Play it and encourage them to understand the rules and play strategically (but don’t get frustrated when they start to beat you). Even if they’re interested in playing a game of soccer or basketball, encourage them to play it and you will help them foster their curiosity.


Books are a powerful way to not only reinforce the reading skills learned in school, but also a way to feed their curiosity. The world of literature can tell many stories and can teach a variety of lessons . Many books can have a lasting impact on your child, continuing to teach and reinforce lessons years down the road.

A child’s curiosity is both a beautiful and sometimes annoying thing for a parent. Though you may get tired of answering why to a variety of questions, remind yourself that you are playing an active role in reinforcing their educational development for curious thinking. This helps with the critical development, creative thinking, and much more.

At Child Time Inc., we believe that fostering your child’s curiosity and educational development needs is essential to providing a strong early education. That’s why we utilize our Reggio Emilia approach to learning, which develops and creates an unique curriculum around the needs of your child. The child is viewed as a way to shape the curriculum, not a curriculum shaping your child. We are where quality meets satisfaction.
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